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Lic# TACLB00026502E-TX
Lic# HVACR1505090-AR
Lic# 176394-OK

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How Home Automation Technology Can Save You Money And Stress

Home automation allows you to control locks, thermostats, and cameras from your smart devices. This efficiency = more savings.


Do you know why the HVAC industry exists? Here’s why…


To provide comfort to homeowners and business owners, and their customers!


At Absolute Heat & Air, we strive to do that. But we also provide services to give you peace of mind and help you save on your energy bills! Which is why we also offer home automation installation services.


In this blog, we will cover the three main home automation products we provide: energy efficiency controls, surveillance cameras, and automatic locks! 


To learn more about the technology that can make your life at home easier, we invite you to keep reading!


HVAC systems can last 10-20 years. So the efficiency from automating your thermostat will result in savings over time.

Energy efficiency controls

With Absolute Heat & Air’s home automation services, you can increase your comfort at home and save money on your energy bill. Here’s how…


We can link your thermostat and lights to your smartphone and laptop with the Nexia app. That means if you leave your house and forget to turn off your HVAC system and lights – you’ll know. You can easily turn them off from your phone and save money on the energy you’re not using!


As for increasing your comfort, think about those cold winter days when you turn off your HVAC system and head to work. When you get home, you turn it on and have to wait for an uncomfortable bit of time to warm up. 


What if you could turn your HVAC system on from your phone before you get home? That way, you could enjoy immediate warmth when you got home! Home automation will do that for you!


Indoor and outdoor security cameras deter criminals and allow you to watch your kids and pets at all times.


Regarding security technology, we offer indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras. We can also link these devices to your smartphone via the Nexia smartphone and computer app.


At Absolute Heat & Air, we’re parents and pet owners, so we know that small children and pets like to get into things all around the house! If you’re like us, then you’ll love having indoor and outdoor cameras…


These cameras will allow you to watch your children and pets if you have to step into another room. This can take some pressure off and allow you to keep them safe while they enjoy independent play.


There are many more benefits to having indoor and outdoor cameras. They can prevent “porch piracy” (this is when someone steals packages from your front door), which is becoming an increasingly larger issue. And you can capture the image of seedy characters who may try to make trouble in your neighborhood.

Losing house keys and forgetting to lock up before you leave are no longer issues with automated locks. You control access with your smartphone.

Digital Locks

Ever locked yourself out of your house? Or lost your house key?  Have you ever left your house, arrived at your destination, and thought, “I don’t think I locked up.” 


If you answered yes, then you’re in good company! And you also know how frustrating and anxiety-inducing these kinds of situations can be. We believe our digital locks are a great solution to avoiding these situations.


Like all the technology we’ve covered in this blog, our digital locks can also be connected to your smartphone with the Nexia app. So no matter where you are, you can lock and unlock your home! 


If you don’t have your smartphone or keys, you can lock and unlock your door with the built-in keypad. This is also a great feature if you have older children who need to get in and out of the house independently. 


If you have any questions about our home automation systems, please contact us here if you’re in NW Arkansas, and here if you’re in Northern Texas. We’ll be glad to help you!

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